Giving Income Tax Considerations in Estate Planning the Respect They Deserve

Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Time: 11:30am - 1:30pm
Location: Minnehaha Country Club
Speaker: Cannon Teleconference

This event will be offered in person at the Minnehaha Country Club or virtually from your home/office. 

A buffet lunch will be served starting at 11:30 am. The webinar begins at noon.


Registration for in-person attendance will close at 5 pm on Thursday, March 16. 


The current tax and estate planning environment requires particular attention to income tax issues that arise in formulating an efficient and effective estate plan as well as in trust and estate administration. Estate planning professionals need to have expertise not only in designing a plan that can minimize trust-level income taxes and achieve estate tax-free basis step-up at a trust beneficiary’s death but also in the following areas, which will be covered in this teleconference:

  • Benefits and detriments of grantor versus nongrantor trusts
  • Miscellaneous income tax-related elections
  • Costs subject to the two-percent floor under IRC § 67(e)
  • State income tax considerations

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